rotary distributor type fuel injection pump

€ 15,00

#4 cylinder perkins diesel engine parts# #perkins 3 cylinder diesel injection pump# #perkins 4 cyl diesel fuel pump# #perkins 4 cylinder diesel fuel pump# #rotary distributor type fuel injection pump# juo sandy DY whatsapp:008613666938275 Our Common Rail systems result in low fuel consumption, low emissions and impressive performance without compromising on quality. We sell a wide range of replacement parts for Common Rail Fuel Injection. We can supply: diesel nozzles, solenoid injector, intermediate plate, common rail pin, common rail valves, spool valve, control valves, washers and service kits for injectors. We've built a slippery reputation for providaing quality OEM and aftermarket solutions to meet your diesel fuel injection needs. #rotary distributor type fuel injection pump# The 3rd generation of Common Rail makes diesel engines even cleaner, more economical, more powerful and quieter.

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